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Aug 5, 2011
Cambridge ON
2006 vert, 1994 vert
Various pics from my visit to Manny's April 23 --

Lot's of beauties parked in and outside the shop including Garry's, Justin's, and many others. Also pics of the 1970 Pontiac build coming back from interior install, some of my Meth kit install tho none from the top sorry, will post more of underhood work later, and last but no least some pics of Steve's latest project in the paint section -- You will not do any better for paintwork/bodywork.-- Kudos Steve and thanks for allowing me in for some pics.

Looks like I did have some underhood pics of the Meth Install -- not sure at what stage so maybe not of any meth kit bits and pieces....Will post more detailed pics later on.

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