Jan 26, 2018
Orford, Qc
Corvette HTC 2023
I have a 2019 GS since 2 months and quite often my IPhone gets disconnected.
I have tryed several cables including a brand new Anker cable (lifetime warranty).
It sometime reconnect after anything between 3 seconds to never.
When it does not reconnect by itself then I need to unplug the phone and replug it. It sometime take several plug/unplug before working.
I have tryed my wife IPhone and get the same trouble.
Does anybody have experienced this problem and if yes what was the fix?
Yes I have similar issues with my 17 Z. I use an Apple cable and it’s hit and miss. I’m using an iPhone X but the 7 I had last summer was the same for this issue... so don’t think it’s our phones causing it.
I find the most issues using the Deezer music app. Texting hands free works pretty good though. Seems I get more texts driving that any other time too. :Shrug2:
I find there is a long lag most times for the CarPlay to engage and sync to the phone. If I touch anything before it’s done the handshake I’m boned and have to unplug for 5 seconds or so.
The apple map app is the only that works decent as well. You can use other screen functions with the map running. Google maps works until someone touches the screen and it all over. Gone.
Not the roses and sunshine they advertise for sure. But once it’s working it’s good.
I thought it was just my lack of tech savvy but I see I’m not unique with this bit of frustration. My cars going in Friday and I will ask about this and a possible firmware update even though my entertainment system I set to automatically update through the wifi in the car or when parked close to the house network.
Happy to see that I am not alone.
On my side, it works well or doesn't work at all.
My phone is always in the armrest compartment plug with a short cable.
Without touching anything it disconnect and I get the message to plug a unit to the USB connection.
It sometime take over an hour before I get the problem and then get the problem every 10 minutes.
I will call the dealer to see if there is a service bulletin about this.
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No iPhone here but do still have an iPod. Car play wasn't available yet in 2015 but still have somewhat the same problem. I have found turning the iPod off and then connecting to the car helps. After a wait for the ifotainment to read the iPod, I then browsemy playlists and start one up.Worksgreat forawhile... then either stops updating the readouton the tune that's playing... or stops altogether. It's apain trying to get it backup and running again... have to disconnect and reconnect as well... Still think I do something wrong everytime...lol...
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Infotainment.... I wonder how many of these have been punched to the firewall Eric. I didn’t have issues with the 15 but I only Bluetoothed in that one. Just plugged in to charge.

It’s so annoying having to pull over and sort the thing out. Doing it on the fly is rarely successfully for me.

When it works.. it’s great though.
Cars going in Friday. I will let you guys know if they have a bulletin on this or a solution.

Well... I am not sure that I can qualify their system as junk.
As a reference, I am also a owner of a Mercedes GLC-300 2016.
At some point you are right. I do not have any problem at all with the Apple CarPlay system in that car.
Well, let me think, there is NO Apple CarPlay in that Mercedes even if I paid for the premium audio system when I bought the car.
In fact, the infotainment system is much worst than the one in my Corvette. If you don't know how to put the audio system into AM frequency then 15 minutes of playing with the wheel mouse (as this is not a touch screen) will probably be the time it will take to do it.
If you want to go on Internet and share the connection then 60 minutes will be a reference time.
As we say in French: '' Quand on se compare on se console'' meaning: When we compare ourselves, we console ourselves.
In conclusion: is there place for improvement; for sure the answer is yes.
Is it a junk system... sure not.
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Just a follow up on the C7 infotainment system.
I checked with the dealership yesterday and they looked for a bulletin or update for the systems and found nothing.
Said it should update itself if set to do so and has wifi access.

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