Here is my 05 LS6 CTS-V aka four door vette, a people mover and grocery getter and is a blast to drive.
I basically drive her if there are more then two people required or if I cannot fit something into the vette
or when Not2melo has been put into the garage for the winter months.
Sorry to say this car does not see alot of summer days outside as I still just love to drive the vette instead.



Nice Car!! my brother bought a 05 CTS V in october in Toronto and we drove it back to Alberta it took 36 hours couldn't have drove back in anything beter...(except a Corvette) of course! His came from Roy Foss dealership and was orginal owner car. how is your diff holding up? seems to be a comon problem with the V's
The Diff is holding up fine so far, did have the annoying clunk in the back and had the diff
bushings changed as they where worn out.
Manny added some Katech suspension cradle bushings to help reduce the wheel hop as thats
what kills the rear end when it grabs after the hop.
Also added a UUC shifter :D and a Magnaflow exhuast for now.
Was looking to add a BMR pinion support for some insurance this spring.
The car is a blast to drive and about as close to a 4 door vette you will get but my vette is
still my favorite.

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