May 11, 2011
Richmond Hill
2002 Trans-Am
So I'm set on running OSCA 11.90 next year. Some of you know my car and the F.A.S.T racing series. The car consistently runs 12.20's on an OEM Firestone F60 bias-ply tire. When a set is super worn down (slick like) it'll run 11.90-12.0 all day. However, I dont have a set that are that worn down anymore. I was originally thinking to get a set cut down (from a stock car tire guy) but was also informed about tire softeners. I found a product online called Pro Bite and Hot Lap. The salesman told me to mix them 50/50 and apply (race week) 3 coats on monday, 3 on tuesday, and 2 on thursday. He said the car will pick up tons of "bite" off the line and through powershifts. $40 worth will coat 4 tires. Havent looked into the cost of cutting a tire down though.

Anyone else ever had luck with tire softeners?


The car
Yes, I used tire softeners about 20 or so years ago.

The tire shop I dealt with did have a softness gauge and I did see a difference. I remember some reading of 55 going to 51? I think...

What I used... can't remember. Not the names you mentioned.

OH, maybe it was called track bite.

Thanks guys.

I dont want to change the tire as I feel the car would loose its sleeper look. These tires hook up pretty good when heated up. With a slick, its just another car. With these tires, people at the track loose their minds when the see the car run 12.0's!
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