Your ride looks ‘rad’ with the new rims and tires …a good look/change from stock , good info on how tires feel and handle , can’t wait for my rims to be shipped. I will be interested in how the difference in series/ratio will look on my car , going with 275/35-18” on front and 325/30-19” out back.
10mm (5mm on each side) less won't be noticeable by eye, so it'll look the same as mine. I'll be waiting to see how cold temperature affects my run-flat mixture this winter season, if there's a problem I'll probably drop down to the 275 run flats.
Recent update: Perfect but one small issue explained at the bottom.

Took them off to inspect + wash them due to heavy brake dust. 0 bends, 0 cracks. I daily drive this car and drive on some atrocious roads (I avoid pot holes).

So yeah as expected, GM are a bunch of liars and have some of the worst wheel engineers out there. Blaming the customer for taking pot holes causing bends & cracks... And people are defending these idiots. The OEM wheels are absolute trash and should be melted down for better use.

Forgot to take a picture but I noticed with the 18x11 front wheels they rub on the brake cooling plastic duct/shield on the inside of the rim when you turn the wheel to the max (made a few u-turns and heard a few clunks). The plastic shield took off my wheel balancers and scraped against the wheel (not too bad, just a faint surface scratch but the plastic was bitten off due to the wheel weights). I just took a dremel to it and cut a portion of the shield off on both sides. Just a warning for people buying these, you will have to modify the cooling duct shield on the front, or not make maxed out turns.

Apex should've made the OEM wheels for this car not a bunch of clowns looking to save every penny possible. What a joke.

Edit: This is the "shield" I'm talking about, that directs the air from the duct to the brake rotor. The circled part is what is scraped on both sides for me. So I cut that chunk off just enough. Nothing else is scraped or rubbed or anything, I can't wrap my mind around the physics behind this without seeing it but apparently it rubs there.
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It's the only offset they offer. Maybe they overlooked that part, or maybe some weird alignment is needed for the wheels on the front? Either way it's not that big of a deal, just a few plastic bits. Did another u-turn and seems to be okay now.
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