there is a supercharged '04 z06 w 8000km commemorative for sale here... asking 40k... seems like a good way to spend an extra 10k
I bought my Vette from them, They are all American cars ( at least were when I was there) who is the sales person you are talking with ?
The Vette I got is what I expected except that it was to come with two working keys , BUT when I picked it up they had only one working key andf one new one that needed to be programmed. I had to take to dealer wait for it and pay myself. They were to give me my money back, BUT The sales guy Sunny did not I had to go to Better Business guys to get the $100 back. Strange they sell a 40,000 car and treat you like crap after, and then wonder why you do not go back. So as I said the car was good the dealer on the other hand sucked,
I tried that with one I bought on E Bay but would not work either, The dealer was to supply a working one and pay to have it done. The question was not how much but the way the dealer treated me after the sale.
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