Feb 17, 2009
Guelph, Ontario, Canada
2001 Z-51 Coupe
Great show up in Bayfield, Ontario up by Grand Bend---Beautiful park setting---great Firefighters breakfast--right on Lake Huron---great people put it on---lots of prizes and nice setting!!! I will be leaving about 7:00 am--up early to get a good spot in the shade in the park--I will post up a meeting spot for anyone interested in coming up.:canada:
I am going to try to get there, I have a black c6 Yes post where to meet and I will try to see you there
New Hamburg on Hyway 7---Tim Hortons--7:30 am---gets us up there the back way by 9:00 am for a parking spot in the shade!!! If you wanna come to the best little corvette show in Ontario--meet us there!! If you have bring a FRS walkie talkie---channel 5---see you there!!:canada:
Absolutely planning on going. My daughter and I went last year & have a really nice time. Unsure who my co-pilot will be though. Sounds like the weather will cooperate nicely.

Brian Coombs, the event organizer, is a really good guy too. I've met him a couple of times and has been very helpful and welcoming.

See you there!
Wow another great day at Bayfield!!!---weather was great---fantastic venue--and the good folks in Bayfield always make it a treat!!! 225 cars where listed this year--a new record. Firemans breakfast is always a hit. And it was a excellent drive to get up to Lake Huron. Here are some pics!!

Park is always a nice venue---lot of shade.

End of the line up for the Firemans Breakfast---$7.00 all you can eat!!

The full monty line up!! But it goes quick!!

The equipment they buy with the funds!!

Quaint little church in downtown Bayfield.

The Rumblebee

Very nice split window coupe



If you missed this event put it on your schedule for next year---absolutely one of the prime shows of the summer!!!:canada:
Thanks for the Pics! I always enjoy seeing them. Looks like a great event and for some reason I want pancakes now.

Not to worry Riley. I had some there in your honour yesterday.

Had a great time at the show but ran into a 1/4 mile of road construction where they had just graded some fresh sand & gravel - followed by a water truck. No spot to turn around either. There went my detailing job ...

My car was running hot from idling through Tavistock so I opened up the throttle on the south edge of town to get some air through the rad and was immediately pulled over by a very friendly OPP officer and sternly warned on the evils of doing 79 in a 60 zone. My bad. No ticket though:) Set the cruise and enjoyed the rest of the ride home.
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