Riley P
Jan 11, 2009
2000 Z51
Just finished a 500km road trip. Vette did great. 7.7 L/100km to Regina, 8.3 L/100km on the way back with the head lights up. Enjoy this car sooo much it makes me feel like puking to think that the car is going to be in storage soon. Boo for winter.

This makes me want to ask. What occupies your time in the winter when you car is in storage? So far, all I can think of me doing is walking my dog and designing a dune buggy to take my mind off the cold.
Oh I can think of a few things to do . Lets see , it will require an enclosed car hauler :D

The good thing about winter is just how much I really miss driving my vette, makes it all that more special when spring hits and I lighter up :canada:

But ya alot of crying between now and then :(
you guys from ontario got nothing. Actually, even in calgary, we are sometimes pretty lucky. Summer was wet and cold, but its been relatively nice lately. Its the guys from sask, and fort mac, etc, that I really feel sorry for. They get the -30 for longer than we get it for. Currently at 0'C. I was in houston, and it was 90'F. Puke.
I keep my mind off summer with wintertime car addictions, i have quite enjoyed ice racing for the last couple years, lots of fun and i have a large slough to practice on.
I play with my Corvette LOL and sometimes at the office !!!
gee, I dont know...I think its a Tyco 1:64 scale. I dont have a track no more... I still have some cars, but this one I bought from eBay with the intention of making it look like kept me entertained for 2 days
I have a '56 (red w/ white coves) in 1/16 never been out of the box. Dad gave it to me for 27th bday; I asked for a Vette and he is a smartass.

Back on topic, I pout for about 6 months waiting for winter to end...although I do get to move into new house in early December this year (joy joy).
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I'm getting ready to strip my car down [and sell off the parts] and get ready for a new set-up! :D But, it will still be sad, because I'll have to wait months, before I can drive it again. I'll have to only imagine what all the new changes will be like :(
Yes I can honestly say I could throw up as well living in muskoka just purchased my first vette 1996 lt4 coupe black on black all stock except rims and exhaust but last owner kept original tires and rims as well as exhaust !! Test drive is all I got felt like a kid again and now storage for the winter it's making me think it's going to b a long cold winter waiting for spring ???
Cheers h2_guy
I know how you feel man... I bought my car in DECEMBER and never drove it at ALL... towed it home LOL... feel for you man
Well I bought a Bobcat with my dads money (great deal for me, although he wants me to pay him back) so I am busy building attachments and digging holes. Already build pallet forks and a float for my gravel driveway. Working on a grapple for the bucket now. I seem to have lots to do all the time.

Between the Baby, new Puppy, Builing in the shop, Building with Lego, my guitars, and my wife I am sure I can keep busy this winter.

Oh ya. I have about 200-250 hotwheel corvettes still in their packages. And a few other brands and sizes mixed in. what can I say when I see a corvette I can afford I take it home with me!

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