Why don't you just set up a GPS system that will GPS info around all the time?


Where is the FLUX CAPASITOR on this thing anyway?

Well, that being said, why not just go for an iPhone app? Or a mobile version of the site?

What's a Flux Capasitor? Is that like a superfluous third nipple?
Well, if a superfluous third nipple can make time travel possible, then yes, the flux capacitor is like a superfluous third nipple.:rofl:

On that same note, I do not know what an RSS feed is or does. Could you fill me in to what it is?
RSS stands for RICH SITE SUMMARY...or simple syndication...
Basically...it's a way of sending/reading updated site info quickly.
A lot of news sites have these types of systems, as a quick way to update stories, etc.
Most web browsers have RSS readers built into them...or you can add a reader app that you can really manipulate the info you have coming in.
Kind of a lazy mans way of surfing multiple sites...sifting for the info the reader is most interested in.
So it is like a flux capacitor in that it can give you more time. Very neat idea. I read every post under the new posts tab right after I log on, so I am sure I would not benefit from such an app, but it is very neat for people who wish to get the quick info on what they are looking for such as if you only want to read threads posted in a certain region. I have no idea how we would do that here, as that is not my department, but it is a neat idea.
I would love to see a mobile site also. What device would you be viewing it on Oldmofo?


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