Jan 27, 2010
Komoka Ontario
I am looking to get my car dyno tested in a stock form before I do any changes. Is there a Dyno in or close to London ? I know Kitchener has a couple but in a city as large as London has to be a couple ?
Chandler Technologies & Performance

They have a dyno. I think I paid around 100 bucks for 2-3 pulls... problem is they are only open weekdays.

Guy who owns it has a 900+rwhp twin turbo vette...

DO NOT GET THEM TO TUNE. They are old guys who only work on carb applications at this point.

With that being said.... they build some wild stuff and they are the first to tell you what they are good at and what they are not.

Be very careful with before/after dyno results... you might get the dyno done next week on a cold day with negative DA air... then when the mods are complete in the summer your second pull may not show the gains that you are expecting. I would try to get the dyno done the day before your mods then the day after.
Yes , I found those guys on the net as well, E Mailed them and as you said 100$ to Dyno, BUT I also called the guys just outside Komoka RSP they specialize in Porsche They have a new state of the art unit 160$ for what I think will be better, These guy's appear to be top notch.
Not all dyno's are equal also supposedly.
Anyone know why the Mustang vs the others have different readings, some are higher
HP and some are lower. I have never understood why the difference between the two?
and also once they are calibrated?
Dyno number really should only be used for comparison... it really does not matter what dyno you use as long as you use the same dyno to compare to.

Different dynos use different methods of extracting hp/torque... whether it be a steady state dyno or an inertia dyno.

I may have this wrong but I believe a steady state dyno measures torque and extrapolates the hp figure from it.
Inertia dyno's measure hp and extrapolate torque from it.
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