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Mar 1, 2009
Prince George BC
I have made arrangements with TJ Wong Performance Clinic in Vancouver WA to make some improvements on the car. It may be the Lingenfelter GT19 cam or another that Tom is thinking about along with some air-in changes and headers, springs, etc.
I was going to send the Z06 to Lingenfelters but the price bump killed that. It went from 7995 USD to 11146USD.... so add the exchange and transportation costs to that.... and BINGO... 2nd mortgage time. I wanted the 660 HP package but will settle for something a teeny bit slower.....:D
I am working extremely hard at entering my second childhood and hope that this cam/header/etc work will give me a boost. Maybe 540 rwhp? ..maybe more.... damn, when does it stop?

Terry....It never StOP's....I only had 436Km's on my when I had Lg header's,corsa and a Killer bee....

Then I did Pfadt Coilovers.sway bar's.....

Then the CAM....LG..X5...New Rad,TB..And TUNED By the BEST CHUCK CoW!!!

You might want to take a look at the NEW 102 from FAST!!..:rofl:
That is a bit of a price increase. I think it stops when you have done everything you can to the car, then when you are wondering how other things would have worked, you sell the car and start again! Sounds like you guys have a couple of sweet cars.
Here is a cam and AR header package we did on a "soon to be" forum vendor.





I've seen some other C6 Z06's with much bigger cams that were pretty disappointing.
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