Jul 15, 2012
Fairview, Alberta
2006 Z06

I often have wondered when I would have anything substantial to add to this discussion.

Some of you may recall that I had posted some comments about my experiences with Revenue Canada. As the work that Manny did on my car was performed in Ontario and as I resident of Alberta I was able to apply for the PST portion of the HST that Manny had charged me.

The rule for this is that you need to apply within 1 year of when your property returns from out of province. So as the work with Manny was incrimental as both money and insanity grew, there actually were I think five invoices.

The car returned in early July 2013 and I applied in April 2014.

The application was turned down. Their issue was that some of the invoices were over that one year period.

Now having anticipated that I even included a cover letter explaining that while there were invoices that were over that one year period, the car never left Ontario until July 2013 so that is the date that I considered to be critical for that 1 year period. Revenue Canada disagreed.

So sort of like my Livingston International experience when my car was damaged during the shipping process back from Ontario, I appealed to Revenue Canada.

I got a letter back saying that they would not be able to look at the file for up to 12 months. So thumb twidling begins at my end.............

In November 2104 I am contacted by Revenue Canada by the person who will be reviewing my file, we speak in person at length and then he calls me back to say he needs copies of the reciepts - they were suppose to have been scanned but no electronic copies exist in RC's data base. No problem, I send them.

Good think I had kept everything collected in a file folder so it was easy to find!

Then no word until I think January 2015, he also needs a copy of the letter or rejection and a copy of my original application, which, yes you guessed it, there should have been an elctronic copy in RC's data base but again it can't be found. So I send those off.

Now I hate to say it but always in the back of my mind is this really negative attitue that these guys are just, pardon me, pulling my pisser, and have no intention of granting my appeal and are just engaged in a Federal Government make work to keep busy program.

So more time goes by and I'm starting to think again just how long does this take?

So yesterday one of those Government of Canada coloured envelopes arrives in the mail but without the expected (on my part) clear window that shows the "Pay to the Order of" in it so you know there is a cheque inside. Just a solid envelope. As I'm driving away, I'm thinking that this is my "PFO your application has been rejected letter".

But I'm also very circumspect about it and thinking that hey I did my best, I didn't take it lying down and I can hold my head up with pride that when I felt I was wronged I didn't take it lying down and I did my best to have it fixed. After my divorce I got sort of tired of having people walk all over me.

Curiosity finally gets the better of me and so I stop to open the envelope to read just what excuse they managed to find to reject my appeal but at least they'll stop waisting my time and this experience in my life will be over and concluded.

The letter contained the sentence:

"Having carefull reconsidered the assessment with reference to the information and reasons set forth in your Notice of Objection, the Minister of National Revenue renders the following decision.

Your objection is allowed, and the rebate for $XXXXXX will be granted. A Notice of Reassessment will follow under separate cover."

They agreed to pay in full!

All I can say is that is it a good thing that I was not driving otherwise I might have hit the ditch! I was stunned to say the least.

But another example that when you feel that you have been wronged that you need to do the utmost you can to have it righted, you may not always win, but sometimes, rarely, the little guys do get a break and justice is served.



The Easter Bunny arrived early for you Garry.

We often think we don't get much value from our "public servants" but your case proves that is perhaps not correct.

Well done. We heard you were throwing a BBQ for all of us with that new found money. :rofl:
It is true! Bacon wrapped filet mignon for everyone who attends! How many can I put you down for........??!!
Doesn't all that time wasted {#}%#*{%]#]^|^ anger you though. I have been through exactly the same and it is so damn frustrating. I understand the system becomes a failure through the attempted manipulation by all but really...when something is staring you in the eyes...
AllFlash I would be lying if I said that the time spent was an annoyance and I was angered, especially after anticipating their reply and including a covering letter to explain everything. My gf, who worked as a payroll auditor for Revenue Canada told me that they probable never even read it.

But I have a pretty strong sense of when I am wronged and so I tend to dig in my heels. And while I was prepared to not be successful in the end, I always find it important to try my hardest to get things corrected when I feel that they are wrong. If I try my best and don't get the outcome I want then I can live with that, what I don't want to live with is the knowledge of being wronged but then having done nothing to rectify the situation....................

Understand that there are some organiztions that bank on people giving up if the road you need to travel is not a smooth or fast one, but like I said, when you are in the right you stay the course to the end.............


Garry!!! How did you go about applying for the GST portion back??? I would also fall into this category, having mine built my Manny as well. I need to act fast though, as I need to get this done before it's too late. :D
i wish it would work for buying a car out of province...such as.... a new Z06 in Quebec.
Good morning CB!

It was nice to be able to share positive news on things. One just has to be prepared to be patien and to not get discouraged with how slowly things move. I have to admit the person with RC was really patient as I went through the story with them and that having all my records available to be faxed was a good break too...........


Here is the website application form:


It does work for buying a car that way as far as I know. When I bought my Z06 in BC I didn't have to pay the HST, just the GST as a resident of Alberta. I'm not sure about new cars but I'd expect it to be the same.............are you sure it doesn't work that way with new cars?????


In spirit helps me a lot Wayne to share some victories in my life with everyone. I'm sorry you're not just down the road too but I'll drink your beer for you.......!

A day later as it sinks in it sure does feel good to have stuck up for myself and what I knew was a miscarriage.


Good evening Tony,

A fine suggestion but I don't think that the amount of money we are talking about here would get me very far down the road to my 1500-2000 hp future project car! But were I closer I'm sure I'd be in for a cam for the Z06 to be sure............


i wish it would work for buying a car out of province...such as.... a new Z06 in Quebec.

Actually, AllFlash, you might be able to get a tax rebate for the difference you pay in taxes. I'm certain the tax you will pay on your new Z06 will be greater Quebec than it is in Ontario. In Quebec it's 5% GST and 9.975% QST.
Kudos Garry -- you kept at them and won.

I hope they don't forget the interest on your money they had for all that time.
Were the tables turned you can bet your pitooty interest would be tacked on.

Have a celebratory beer for all of us.:D

Congratulations Garry, I'm currently in an appeal with revenue Canada, it's been over 2 years, but I'm not giving up.
Happy Easter!
Motor Dude,

All I can say it don't give up. It takes a long time, shockingly long in between when I would hear from them requesting information but I kept thinking that they sometimes try to wear you out and want to see if you will get so frustrated that you'll just give up in which case they win. I do have to say the person that I dealth with was really decent throughout the whole experience and he let me explain why I was appealing and he didn't seem to ever feel that I was in the wrong. Just that at first glace, as a knee jerk reaction that it was turned down and that someone just needed to be made aware of what had exactly taken place with the car in Ontario. As everything else didn't seem to be in RC's database, ditto with my covering letter. I think that when this person understood my position, they communicated it with the proper RC folks and then the appeal was successful. My only advise is see it through to be able to tell yourself you did the best you could.

Yes Colin, I'm curious to see if they will also be paying the interest over the past year, not holding my breath but it would be the proper and decent thing to do!

Hey Riley, I was actually loading a video of one of my son's classmates doing a gymnastic routine at the school talent show yesterday and actually watched the Ponoka video for the first time and I found the smile on my face getting bigger and bigger as it played. It reminded me of how great these cars sound and how much fun I had and how happy I'll be in a short period of time to get the car on the road again, a few weeks sooner than last year and that will be super!


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