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Feb 28, 2013
peterborough on
Am I ever frustrated with off shore junk. I am erecting a wall unit/ entertainment unit type piece of furniture and the instructions say it would take 2 hours to complete. Well maybe if the fasteners were all there, if illustrations were half clear, if a page wasn't missing, and English wasn't the eighth language listed. Really tired of the choices, or lack of, that we as a civilized country have available to us. 4 hours in and still plugin away. What say you. I feel a little better after my rant. Eric
:rofl: :eek: Some assembly may be required perhaps ikea may be your solution give it one more hour then RUN FOREST RUN.Good luck with the drama build and remember left over parts are not a option.:seeya:

Oh Eric ,I feel your pain .I bought a new Garmin ,it was programmed in Spanish and metric .Directions we're not correct and web site directions we're wrong also .Thank God I was able to call customer service . Nice young man who only spoke Spanish and German .:mad:
yup got a new computer desk from Staples (China), made 3 trips back for parts including a new top and side piece that the fasteners were broken, stripped or missing .... 7 hours later it was finished, wonder who got all the garbage pieces ....
Return Policy

My return policy is simple. If I don't like it, it goes back. I'll bet nearly half the stuff of any size that I bought this past year, I've had to take back. I recently bought one of those six foot high by four feet wide storage cabinets from CTC. When I opened the box, the first panel was really bent and the deeper I got they were still bent. They gladly exchanged it but that's an extra 30 miles of driving to do it and at my expense. We're getting a lot of junk and the cheap Chinese junk is starting to get priced up there as if it were made here. If Canadian stores get their return desks piled high with returns of faulty items, perhaps they will get the message. If I want cheap Chinese stuff, I go to the Dollar Store.
Gotta love "Chinglish" instructions.
It' hard to find crap that's made outside of China anymore. I hate this cheap Crap.:eek:
read the labels on things in the grocery store. c.b.c. marketplace did a segment on food coming from china - scary stuff. i check the labels closely to make sure the product was actually produced here. i won't buy any food produced in china and that goes for pet food as well. :canada: doug.

Yeah-- no cheap imported junk for our kids (dogs and cats in case you're wondering- and the odd chipmumk.:D) .either. God knows what poison is in that crap.:nono:

More and more jobs going "south" and more and more imported 'products'.:confused:
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