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Feb 28, 2011
North of Canada
2008m vert
I've been working like a dog to push and shovel snow .We've gotten 100 inches since New Years .Every other days we get 6 inches or more .

Went into a bay 16x40 where I store precious things and I heard snap crackle pop . As a Commercial industrial contractor I tend to overbuild my stuff so I don't have this problem .

Called my son and asked if his new Harley was insured ? I figured I'd move the Vett to a different bay but even with a tender and new battery all I got was click .Most important my new Husqvarna was in there .

So I start shoveling the 5 feet of snow in a methodical manner .I tried doing the math in my head which is defective .640 square feet X five feet equals 3200 cubic feet at 12 pounds a cubic foot that equals 38,400 pounds .If I shovel a half cubic foot per stroke thats 6400 shovel fulls :swear:

My son did show up to help save my precious lawn mower .The end results was 4 badly cracked roof joist but no failure .:D

Oh once the roof was shoveled off the car started right up .:(
lol, very sorry to hear, but funny at the same time. glad everything is ok, though.
You've been hit especially hard this year Stephen ....... I hope it improves soon for you -- In the meantime don't overdo it with the shovelling. Is there a snowblower in your future?:D

Keep wifey with you. I heard she's pretty dang good at looking after you and the pooch.:D

Spring isn't far off. Keep the chin up -- we're pullin' for ya.

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