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Jul 23, 2012
Swift Current, Sk
1997 Coupe
So I was out at the brand new Castrol Raceway road course south of Edmonton on the weekend...

They have half the track paved but not all the landscaping done yet so decided to line the entire track with concrete barriers (for now)...

Well I overheated the brakes and got uncomfortably close to a wall at about 80km/h...

I'm thinking therefore to add blower fans and brake ducts to my car before next race day. Anyone done this?

Here are the guts of my plan:
To place a 4" inline blower (from amazon) right behind my intercoolers to blow into a duct hose onto the calipers:

LG Motorsports

Is there a better option?

Oh, and what pads etc. are people using?

Anyone chime in please. :D
Best to flush your brake fluid and add 600 temp racing brake fluid. this may help. If your still in Edmonton, Mopac ( west end ) sells some 600 temp fluid and get it flushed. I have it in my ZR1 for events.

A few guys have said the concrete makes them uneasy on the track now.
Thanks Brian, I was wondering if I'd see you there.

I had asked Lawrence to do that for me but maybe wasn't done... I'll do it for sure anyways.
Good to hear the track is starting to take shape. I'm going to wait until next year though. I've never been off track at a lapping event even though I push pretty hard but that's just too pricey for my liking if you make a boo boo or even have a car failure.
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