Jan 25, 2009
Hi guys,

It has been a long wait for me to get my car back. I dont have it yet, but it is down to the last components. I am attaching couple of pictures.

Most of the delays arose from the motor area, where the new intake manifold, carb & headers required some "made to fit" parts, twists and bends to get the vacuum going again, the throttle cable fit with the Holley carb, gas line, dual exhaust pipes, brackets and other little gizmos for the compartment to have a clean look and avoid spark plug wires and such from getting burnt by touching the headers, etc.

You will see in the pictures how the engine is shaping to be, but all the rear and front end got new rubber bushings & shocks, all of those components were 29 years old!!! . I bought a re-built AC compressor from e-Bay and that will go in as well with new water and fuel pump that were also original.

I am sure it will need adjustments after the fact, but I am desperate to drive it!!


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