Keith Tedford
Apr 30, 2012
2005 C6 1SB
I`ve been saying for a year or more that GM needs to look at all wheel drive as a Corvette option.
Here`s my case.
I`m not belittling the new Corvette, it is a great car, especially for the price. Everyone was making
a fuss about the less than stellar interiors in Corvettes while this is where GM should be focussing their
And here is the re-test after they realize the wheel settings were off:

2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Track Retest

2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Track Retest
(Should work on desktop)

The Z06 ended up with the better time, although it is fairly controversial. Different day, since the GTR wasn't brought back, and GM updated their suspension tuning a little bit.

It's still great, seeing as the Nismo is one hell of a fast track car, purpose built for the track, and is made in extremely limited production. Not bad for a RWD car... The Z06 is now the second fastest car on Willow Springs, only behind the Porsche 918.
It would be big money I know I wouldn't be able to afford it.
Your getting now into Ferrari, Lambo territory some of the models are all wheel drive.
I am thinking GM wants this car to be somewhat an affordable sports car with great handling capabilities along with great gas mileage.
If it happens probably would be a redesigned Z06 all wheel drive $150,000 + ouch!
The GTR is all wheel drive and the price isn't out of sight. The Corvette was slower by four tenths of a second in the 0-60 mph times. Four tenths quicker in the quarter mile and there isn't very much that would touch the Corvette on the strip. The benefit of AWD was pretty obvious in the drag race and the track. The GTR had smaller tires, is heavier and 50 hp less. I'm sure no fan of Japanese cars but the Corvette needs the AWD as at least an option. Drive an AWD vehicle in the snow then drive a two wheel drive in the same snow to get an idea of what I am talking about.
I agree with you Keith. I would liken this to my experience of my first winter with proper winter tires. After all those winters with all-season tires my first time out in the snow with snow tires was a shocking and eye-opening experience. I came to understand why it was that several provinces (all of Quebec and certain parts of BC coming to mind) have made it the law that winter tires are required on vehicles. Once you've had that experience you never go back to all-season again. I have proper summer and winter tires now for my sedan and pickup. AWD I'm sure is just as dramatic a difference. I have two 4x4 trucks and likewise with them in the winter.

An AWD Corvette would be great. Not that traction control, launch control and fancy electonics can't be beneficial, but simply having all 4 wheels driving would be a nice solution too to getting all the hp onto the pavement.


snow was just an example here, I believe .. I think the point was that all wheels driven would be superior in all circumstances and when you watch the GTR coming out of the hole, it does appear superior.
I had the same experience years ago after going to proper snow tires versus all season. Nothing but snow tires for winter on our 4X4 Jimmy. A neighbour has a GTR. Go for a ride in one and you will really see what I am talking about as far as the AWD setup. The Corvette with AWD added, would have few cars that would perform better no matter the price. With horsepower going up every year, the need is only going to be greater to get the power to the ground. I imagine Garry could tell you a thing or two about trying to get 740+ hp to the ground.
Of course AWD will be faster out of the hole... That's common sense. But on that same logic, why isn't every car AWD? It's not always a money thing. The LaFerrari isn't AWD, doubt that is a cost issue, 458 is I believe RWD, McLaren 650S is RWD, etc.

AWD helps 0-60 absolutely. Helps exit corners for the most part a little bit faster. But it also adds weight and requires a lot more engineering. But RWD still has its advantages and the Z06 proves that by beating the Nismo GTR around the track even being RWD and a manual.

Plus... Then we couldn't do awesome burnouts!! Haha.
It's not like GM hasn't thought about it, all wheel drive that is. However, in a recent interview, Tadge Juechter, mentioned that the engine is so low to the ground that the drive for the front wheels would have to go through the crankshaft. So the space needed to make this happen isn't physically there. At least not on the current configuration. Maybe on the next gen.
Great review, even if the Z06 didn't perform quite as expected at Willow, however, as stated, the setup on the Z was recalibrated with different results.
But, it's a gorgeous car.
As for AWD as that is the topic of this thread, I really, really like RWD and being able to manipulate the throttle and the feel of a car with RWD, however, if I was going for pure speed, best stability, and safety, AWD it is.
One has to use a gentle foot if one's car isn't pointing in a straight line and even then there have been moments when the rear end starts to snap out! Maybe as opposed to AWD it could be standard 4 WD in which the front axle can be engaged or not depending on the whim of the driver. Sort of like leaving the traction control/stability control on or off depending on the driver's whim.................

As for the low engine etc. that's fine and I'd be more than happy with a mid engine mount AWD C8 myself! Maybe they should take a page out of the Germans who managed (the US did too now that I think about it with the Air and King Cobra's 37 mm gun) to have 20 mm guns firing through the crankshaft on the Me 109 and FW 190 fighter's during WW2...................

Weather due to improve, I even saw a yellow C2 parked at the Chev dealer service bay area this morning - optimistic fellow!!

I might get my kick at the can this weekend yet for first 2015 fire-up!!


50% of any equivalent European??

50% more than anything domestic??!!

If, and I should say IF there is a mid-engine C8 maybe it would be optional to have AWD if the engineering issues were tackled?? Maybe run the front driveshaft alongside the transmission well between the seats??


Not to divert the thread, but on MSN one auto commentator is suggesting that
the mid-engined V-8 could well be in a caddy rather than corvette.
With Ford's new sports car coming in at ~ $350,000 , the
rational includes fact that an expensive ~ $150 -200,000 car would fit much
better under the cadillac badge rather than chevy badge, and you could include
AWD as part of the package.

As the phrase goes.....stay tuned !

I really don't think this car should be driven in the winter.
If you looking for a good AWD car for the winter Infiniti Q60 Coupe AWD Sport $51,800
Just my thought.
I'll agree that I love my C7 as a RWD.

On the track AWD can give you some advantages in traction, but AWD is a different driving experience that I'm not looking to get from my Z51.

That being said, here in Canada an AWD daily driver makes great sense. When I get rid of my BMW 323, been thinking my next daily driver might be the Audi S3 or A3 TDI Sportback.
I think that we were just thinking that AWD would be a handy thing for better hard launches. I seem to remember that even Chev test drivers having problems with consistent 1/4 mile times with the C6 Z06 and AWD would have helped that matter. I don't think that anyone would ever consider driving cars like these in the winter. I have enough problems damaging the front valence in the non-snow seasopn on the roads around where I live let along ever thinking about that with a few cm of snow or heaven help me ice!!

It would make for some interesting track experiences too. A friend of mine that I autocross with who has a late 1990's GTR uses both RWD and AWD depending on his mood and track conditions and it wouldn't be the worst thing to experience.

I remember looking at those videos from that 1 mile drag racing track in Russia and how the AWD cars generally smoke the C6's off the start. Now they get caught up with say 3/4 of a mile later but up to the 1/4 mile point, what we race in North America, they lose out most times.

I've actually found that my FWD sedan with winter tires is almost unstoppable in the cold season and the owner of the tire store I frequent tells me the same thing. He'd rather have FWD with proper winter tires than AWD himself..............

Plus I'd have to add a block heater to the C6 and I'm not in the mood to have a cord dangling from the front.........I'm thankful I don't have to have a license plate holder as well!!


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