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Aug 5, 2011
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....... this Tuesday at Manny's.....

Apparently good insurance against high boost pressure temps and resulting pinging and detonation by cooling the intake air charge.

A by-product of this system is that Arun can increase timing and power (marginally) if needed or wanted to further increase performance.:eek: -- He tells me the effective octane on Alky is 110!

Another benefit is that lower octane fuel can be used if necessary or by choice.
I don't think I'd chance using lower octane fuels due to 'variances' these days but this system would certainly make using these "variable fuels" (within the higher octane fuels) less dangerous and the engine less susceptible to damage from pre-ignition.

At the other end of the spectrum on fuels is that super high octane fuels (Manny has some) can be used for much higher ignition timing settings -- IE much more power.

Stock internals ain't gonna git-'er-done tho with power beyond 600.... so one must be careful "turnin' up the wick" .. :D

More about it after install but here's the link to the system built by ECS who made my supercharger.

ECS Alky Control Systems

Wow, had some fun editing and correcting this one. Go my ear on the news and trying to post at the same time.:(

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