Dec 15, 2012
2005 C6 LS2
I put my Vett in storage on Dec 15th, after owning it a mere 2 weeks only. :swear:
Needless to say this winter has been killing me, but today it's nice and clear...streets are dry so....I caved:D

For winter storage I had originally disconnected the battery, parked it on garage foam mats, and put a Vett car cover on it. Did the whole Baking Soda and Bounce Drier sheets thing too.

Then earlier this morning I reconnected the purred like a kitten on the first start up.
Actually I was surprised that the radio remained programmed, the clock no...of course that had to be reset but otherwise it was a real simple start up!

Sure felt good driving it...and it's going to be a great summer in that regard.

As I expected the tires left indentations in the foam mats, so my guess is that they did their job. I had the entire floor under the car covered in those mats...and other than keeping the tires round I have no idea if they served any other purpose, but I guess it felt good knowing they were there as a barrier to the concrete garage floor. Still, probably overkill.

Manny's advice on storage by way of just disconnecting the battery was absolutely the way to go for thanks again Manny!

Folks enjoy your rides, and stay safe!

I bet that felt good :D

I've never lost much disconnecting the battery when I store the car for anytime .The only thing that happens sometimes is re-indexing the windows .I check my battery to see how much charge I loose in two months and it's pretty insignificant if the battery is good and charged before you disconnect.

I wish ya a great riding season :D
Yup just re-index the windows and reset the clock after battery disconnect.

Congrats on the ride David. You waited a long time to get back in the saddle of your new ride.
Great day for it.
Around here there's a lot of salt again after the snow and freezing temps recently so we now need a good rain again the clean things up.

I don't consider what you did for the tires as overkill: I've experienced the thumping of flat spotted tires (yes our tires can get flat spotted to some extent) and it's no fun.

Insulating the tires from cold hard surfaces is a geat way to prevent this occurrence.
I also use 4-wheeled dollies (as many here do) to further help with the problem since the dollies are concave and better contour to the tires.

Summer is almost here.........

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