Ok. I have one for those who know... How do I post pics that ARENT thumbnails??

What you have to do is first upload the pictures to a photo sharing site (I believe Flickr works), then take the URL (http://example.com/example.jpg) and Insert that into the message here using the "Insert Image" button located in the row of buttons just above where you type in your message.
Ok back to the picture thing, I see in the pictures thread that some have really excellent quality pictures on their messages. How is that done as I would like to do the same and input three or four pictures possibly. I don't see how 19kb 's can give that quality to all users. Is there not a way, that, if we would like a pictures thread, to have a bit more easier way to upload them into only that thread as thats what its for, to show the forum ours wheels.
any idea's beyond what Fender mentions here?
Did you have a look at this thread?


This allows you to put links to better quality photos on the forum so that the photos are not actually on this site but on a different site such as photobucket. Then this just puts the image that you chose from photobucket up on the page in the post for people to see.

The other way to get pictures on here is to add them as attachments and that is where the quality issue comes in because those pictures are stored on the forum and there is limited memory for that so that is why the pictures have to stay small.
Awesome! I was hoping my instructions were clear enough to be followed. Unfortunately others have had trouble and outside of how I post pictures, I am clueless and unable to help further.
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