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This is for if you want to add photos into threads that are not attachments.

The only way I know to get full pictures into the threads on the forum is to have a photobucket account (Image hosting, free photo sharing & video sharing at Photobucket). There are other sites to do this on, but photobucket is the one I use.

Here is a rough guide to the steps:

-Upload your pictures into your account on that site.

-Get back to your album to view all your pictures after adding tags.

-Go through the photos that you uploaded, and double click the photo that you would like to put on the forum you so that it is bigger.

-To the lower left of the big picture, in the box that says "Share this Image", click on the IMG Code, for example, ( and it should say "Copied" in a little yellow box.

-Have this forum open in another internet window or tab, go to where you write replies and hit paste (Ctrl-V) to place the IMG Copy address.

When you hit reply, your picture should come up!

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask Mike.:D
Test test, picture test.


Using the Insert Image Button.

If you use the "Insert Image" button which is the yellow button with mountains and sun on it (beside the insert link button that looks like a blue circle with a paperclip below it), copy and past the url location of your photo. I just copied the "Direct Link" code under my photo in photobucket and pasted that into the box on this site with the prompt on it. So, you still have to go to your photobucket/whatever account to copy and paste the link, but this gives another option.

Is there a quicker way than this vt65?
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