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Jul 15, 2012
Fairview, Alberta
2006 Z06
Good morning,

As the completion date of the project gets closer we've moved onto gauges again and I needed to make a decision so I need to see if anyone out there can help me.

So we're going with a stand alone shift light on the A-pillar so it wil be just off to left line of sight.

But I wanted something for AFR and boost to amuse me.

AeroForce Interceptor seems to make a nice unit, two perameters displayed at once, flashing light warning, also can measure 0-60 and 1/4 mile times. But expensive, apparently close to $1000 to get the additional kits to measure boost pressure etc. Can be mounted in dash, A-pillar etc. I like the thought of having it also to the left on the A-pillar with the shift light though I've seen a dash install of Canuk's that looked very factory as well.

Dashtronix makes one as well, this uses either the radio display, which my car does not have, or the HUD display. Much less expensive but I'm not really enamored with the HUD as it is. Maybe this would get better with time?

So have any of you tried either of these units and would be willing to share your experiences.

Any other systems to consider that you've tried and found to be good??



You know my thoughts on this. I just want to correct one thing you said. With the aeroforce you need nothing additional to read boost. It reads it from the OBD2. The only extra thing you need is a wideband to read A/F ratio but you need that same wideband with any gauge. You would also eliminate the cost of the shift light as it has that feature built in.
This is the one I use. Very reasonable cost and a very good reputation as being accurate and trouble free. Its 169.00 from zeitronix directly.

Zeitronix Zt-3 : Wideband Controller and Datalogging System

What ever you decide will work great and you will enjoy.:seeya:
Good morning Canuk,

And as usual I misunderstood what I was told! Must be the reason I go to experts for stuff like this and don't tend to tackle it on my own!

The more information and feedback I can get hopefully the more informed opinion I'll be able to make.


Manny is putting in the Dashtronix Gauge Projector for me. I like the looks of the gauge pod and always figured I would go the route, but the stealth factor of having the boost and air/fuel reading come up on my HUD and DIC will prevent some unwanted attention. For the price... I will give it a shot. If I don't like it, I will switch over to a gauge pod.
Thanks Palar jet.

Can anyone tell me if the shift light for the Dashtronix is really noticalbe and bright, say as compared to the stock shift arrow in the HUD, as say compared to the upshift light in the AeroForce interceptor.

For example, with the AeroForce Interceptor, does the whole gauge flash (say like if it was set for AFR and boost) when it is time to shift or do one of the two displays have to be set for "shift light" (like shift light and AFR). I hope this makes sense...............


Here ya go Garry

Racetronix Shift Light Video :
DashTronix Progressive Shift LED shift light in vent demo - YouTube

Picture of the Racetronix with both AFR & Boost displayed

Personally still think this is slick and better than conventional type round gauges .
Good evening Manny,

OK now that is bright indeed! Almost blinding at night. Food for thought.............

So you're thinking a Dashtronix in the vent for shifting and the Racetronix for monitoring AFR and boost etc.........?

And the cost for them?


Good morning y'all,

I do feel a lot better about this. It will be good to become more informed about engine operation, AFR under difference throttle loads, it will be highly amusing to watch the boost climb and most importantly I hope no more hitting the fuel cutoff at redline. Even for a guy as dense as me missing a light like that would be a challenge. Not a very large investment for hopefully looking after the engine better........


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