Nov 14, 2009
2001 Convertible
Cruising down the highway at night, I ran over a short chunk of lumber (4x4). The resulting thud under the vette worried me, but nothing seemed to happen. I drove for another two hours with no problems, then parked for the night. The next day, when I made my first right hand turn (approx. 10km/hr.) the front driver side wheel started grabbing/pulsating and the vehicle would power down slightly. The active handling service light came on. I took it to a dealership asap and they could not find any damage, leaks or pull any error codes. They too test drove it and found the same problem. They suggested it could be the "yaw" sensor but couldn't guarantee it was this. Basically they would need to start replacing sensors until they found the correct issue ($$$ :eek:). I already had the steering position sensor replaced this spring (unrelated with none of these symptoms). Has this happened to anyone else?
I wish I could help. Thinking about it, it could be the yaw sensor however, I hate the idea of shops doing exploratory surgery on cars so I am hoping that someone on here that knows better would reply. As you are a fellow Saskatoon guy (Hooray!!!), I would suggest you talk to Russ Kemp. He does live in Regina so he is not local, but at least it is a short drive to see him and he is very knowledgeable on our cars. You can try him on here (Russ K) or I could give you the phone number of his shop. Let me know and keep us updated of any progress!

By the way, what is the year of your car?

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