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Jun 8, 2012
Edmonton AB
No Corvette :(
Well, I have been wanting one of these for a few years now. I love HP and this jet ski is suppose to do 0-60mph on the water about the same as a ZR1 will do.

Top Speed is about 140 mph less.. haha.. I can live with 67 mph on the water.

Blue is my color so had to get a 2012 Jet Ski Ultra 300x. The new 2014 Yamaha's look stronger but would be $4000 more and this one I bought has a 5 year warranty.

It is in Ontario... on it's way soon to Alberta. Maybe I will get to try it once or twice this year..... and more trips to Kelowna next summer.


Now should I get a trailer hitch for my ZR1??? LOL

:DI agree Riley, and the water will feel just as hard as asphalt!! Glad you pulled the trigger Brian, you only live once!! If only for a short time.......
:DI agree Riley, and the water will feel just as hard as asphalt!! .

So, when I fall off my ski... I will scrape against the water? !!! haha joking.

It is suppose to be the fastest watercraft out of the hole....... it should be fun! I will be hoping for some warm temps in Sept to try it out... Rob, come park your Vette in the middle of the lake and listen to me fly by! ( low flying JET-ski ) ;)

I would love to see the looks of people watching a supercharged ZR1 backing a supercharged jet ski into the water but I ain't dippen the ass end of the Zed in the water... but I have seen 6 foot trailer extensions...... na...... kidding.

Bought a trailer today and did a Ukrainian load of my ski from the crate to the trailer.....

Happy that it might be a warm weekend... need to try this thing out.



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