Thats right,it is just a rendering.I remember looking at a rendering of the C5 in 1995 or so,the styling details were far off the mark,but the general shape was very close to what the production car looked like.The split window is very likely for production,which i like.Rember ,corvette restyles are allways evolutionary,given the latest reto craze maybe look for a bit of C2 and C3 influence.
Looks too futuristic for me....

Well 2013 is in the future so I guess that is a good thing.

I didn't really like the C6 when it came out. The whole exposed headlights thing threw me off. But now I think they are awsome. I think it looks good. Different but you can still tell its a corvette just by looking at it.

As stated earlier in this thread,new design sometimes takes time to digest. Personally I would be thrilled to drive any of them. As I had to wait 10yrs with the C5 to justify the impact on my budget the purchase made, I will have to wait till 2015 for a C6 at that point Ill be 45 could be my last toy. Not to mention what will they make available that intrested me by then, or my priorities could shift after my house is bought in full. I wonder how many renderings where considered before the design of the C6 was concluded,Question mark. Thank for posting the pics! really cool to look into the possible future.
Looks good, sure the final concept would be altered a bit, seems they usually
smooth things out a bit and tone things down with the body style for us in the end.
With a few adjustments a more suttle tones this car would be very good looking.
I really like it! I think change is good.

So I may be wrong on this or maybe everyone already knows this but me! But I was watching the first Batman movie this weekend for some reason, and its was a very long and painfull wait but when they finally showed the car I coundnt help but think that it was a C5 corvette with fins and junk all over it!

The show was made in 89 and we all know the C5 didnt come out till way after that but I dont see how they could just get lucky and have it be so simmilar.

Not a fan. If that's going to be the next generation, GM is going to be in a lot of trouble. It looks too cartoonish. GM should take a cue from Ferrari's new 458, in that it's hot and fresh at the same time. :(
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