Jul 15, 2012
Fairview, Alberta
2006 Z06
Fellow C6 owners!

Without making you laugh too much, it was not an uncommon event in the farming community to open up a can of Chef Boy R Dee and place it on the exhaust manifold to heat it up for lunch or supper. The original "carbeque".

So where might I be going with this you ask?

I was shocked at the amount of heat that comes off the transmission housing of these cars and that it is recommended that you don't leave electronic devices in the storage area between the seats. I was shocked while wearing shorts once and heading out of town and putting the windows down and then a shot of hot air was then allowed into the inside of the car and just about roasted my right leg and arm...............

I thought (in joking so far) that if I got one of those Hygard Hogie sandwiches and popped in inside the storage area that for sure the cheeze would melt in a few minutes!

Suddenly I got to wondering, I wonder if it would be possible to have a cooking competition with our cars, food can be prepared outside of the car but must be cooked while driving the car!

I wonder if you could cook an egg this way? Hard boil it without the water?

Any potential recipties anyone would car to suggest?? Anyone with first hand chef experience in a C6 they'd care to admit to?


We used to be able to literally make tea when leaving a water bottle in the drink holder. Solved that real quick after we got the space blanket installed. No more roast leg of SoulSurfer. Worth every $$$
Space blankets..........

While it is seen from a humorous point of view, you can't imagine the mirth I was feeling when I was watching a video about replacing the gearshift lever, which I find very vague (I can't count the numnber of times I've missed shifting from 2nd to 3rd and going into 5th instead) and while the area around the gearshift has been removed installing sheets of insulation in that area!

Tea no doubt and I'm sure you'd never have to worry about your double-double getting cold either!

A shame these cars are not winter friendly as they sure would be comfortable on those chilly -40 Northern Alberta winter days!

I'm thiking about trying a loaf of garlic bread next trip home from the grocery store.


I have an i-Pod full of music running off the console outlet in our 2005. It got awfully hot lying on the bottom. I put a note pad under it and that works fine. You would think the factory would have put a little insulation over the drive shaft tunnel. I watched the video of the shifter install along with the insulation. It's the time to do the insulating when everything is torn apart any way and doesn't look all that complicated.
Insulation issues............

I think that this may be one of the contributing factors to the reputation that the 2006 Z06 was the fastest of the cars. They are 40 to 50 lb lighter due to less sound deadening and insulation material (apparently) being used. Obviously owners must have voiced the heat as a concern.

But you're quite right. When the gear shift upgrade does take place, insulation will be added to take care of this problem at the same time.

Your comment on the other thread on the Vararam may be correct in terms of noticability of the difference. I'm lucky in that living in a rural area I've got a 6 miles stretch of flat pavement and since all the farms have disappeared no people living on this road. It does lend itself to moments of irresponsibility to be sure. I still wouldn't want to hit a deer or anything like that either at higher speeds.

It would be hard for me to even see something like this at the strip as not being a bracket racer I'm sure my ET's are going to be like 12.5 seconds plus or minus 1.0 second anyway.........

But without a doubt it has given the vehicles I've done CAI intakes on a much more pleasing sound and that has been worth it.

If I ever can get talking with that other C6 Z06 owner in the area maybe we can head to head one day and perhaps that might give me an indication of any changes.............

Getting ready for Race the Base at the end of the week. Some nice cars will be there, an Aventador, MP4, CR-12, Ford GT and a bunch of other European exotics. Interesting to see a 1300 hp Supra - how do they produce that kind of power from such a small rotory engine is beyond me, and have it last for more than 100 ZR1 confirmed as well. I am still hoping that the 900 hp TT Z06 from 2010 will be back, maybe modded further. I'm charging both batteries for both cameras.


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