I actually gave up on NASCAR and NHRA too. Every year, the show had to get bigger and flashier and better than last year. They all got to the point where they couldn't make their sports any bigger, better, faster or flashier so that it started to become same old, same old. Now it's all about the show. Actual competition is secondary. Our interest in cars any more goes little beyond Dale and I jumping in the Corvette and going for an all day drive. THAT, to me, is what it is all about.
the racing is definitly not what it was . has changed alot from the petty-pearson days or the waltrip-earnhardt era. i wish they hadn't gone to that "chase" format, having the other 31 cars in the field seems redundant. i don't care much for stick and ball sports [except 9 ball],so nascar it is. nhra now is pretty much just a bunch of pseudo nasa guys.
Instead of the players getting a share of whatever profits the owners make, it should instead go back into the community to help those less fortunate.

As for Nascar, I say bring back the "Race on Sunday, buy on Monday" type of racing.
Actually, if you want to see interesting, fun racing, go to one of the nostalgia meets. We have the ONDR here in Ontario and it is enjoyable to watch. You can even enter your old musclecar if you wish. Beats the hell out of hockey.http: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=1wfP56ANW-U&feature=plcp
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