Aug 4, 2012
Newmarket On
1975 stingray
Hey guys,

It's been awhile and the body off is coming along well, I am trying to figure out how to reduce the size of my pics so I can post a few.

In the mean time....

Anyone know someone who will rebuild trailing arms on this side of the boarder? Shipping and duty are crazy.......

Or has a good set they would be willing to part with?

Thanks Jeff
good deal greg, i wonder how their shipping to canada is ? economically speaking it does'nt make sense to me to rebuild them when complete units like these are available. my old ones i will cut out with the sawzall and angle grinder, just have to pay attention to the placement and number of shims in the frame end.
If you're going to go to all that trouble, brand new shims all the way. Keeping the "correct" number per side is a relative term. You're still going to need a four wheel alignment, so ball parking the shims until the car's on an alignment rack should be fine. When I first bought my current C3, I had the alignment verified the same day my new rubber went on. Shims looked as though they had never been moved since installation. Long story short, that "alignment" cost me almost $500 in shop time as the "toe-in" was way off and they had to spend close to 6 hours over a week getting the old shims out, ordering new stainless ones and then setting the car up correctly. I've become good friends with that shop owner over the years and pop in annually for a beer and a "check-up" just to verify everything is OK......his adjustment has never changed.
Hey thanks for the replies and the links.

The arms are out of the car and yes a sawsall and hammer were used, along with brute force and ignorance....LOL. I did take note of the shims and taped everything together for referance later.

I was looking at Vtech Corvettes Trailing Arms they seem to have some pretty good prices.

Has anybody dealt with them?

Thanks again are coming

Absolutely, couldn't agree more. This is a job you only want to do once in your lifetime of ownership. Trying to save a hundred or two might end up costing you a lot more down the road. Personally speaking, if you can have good quality complete units delivered to your door in Canada for about $1000 a piece, to me that's a deal. Just start going through Corvette Central's C3 catalogue and price out the tools to do the job......never mind your time and frustration. I certainly don't speak for the masses; but in this hobby over the years I've learned to pick my battles......and this area is definitely one where you can pay a little now or a lot later. Good luck
I would suggest giving Manny a call. For $1000 a piece, are there any good aftermarket alternatives? I speak out of total ignorance on most of my posts. :D

You can also send taylorsk8 a PM as he is in the process of redoing his 73. He may have some advice for you.

at this price per side riley, it is really a bargain. if you were to price out rebuilding the trailing arms the parts and labour and time is far more expensive - you even get ss steel parking brake assemblies and new rotors. i imagine manny can supply them from corvette central . if a person was'nt able to tackle the job himself , then dasilva would definitely be the route to take. :D
This coming form someone half way through the rebuild on my trailing arms... So far it has not been that bad to do. If the steel parts are in good shape you can rebuild them yourself for way cheaper than that. And I am cheap. I won't sacrifice quality parts for crap, but if I can do a job myself I will. For reference I have spent about $3500 on parts for my entire chassis so far and that includes stainless fuel and brake lines, new fuel tank kit, all the bushings and ball joints, hardware, wheel bearings and seals, SS shims, and SS e brake kit. I have done everything myself so far and still have not found something that cannot be done in a reasonably well equipped shop.

I wouldn't rule out rebuilding them yourself if you are mechanically inclined and have the time. If the steel parts need to be replaced then the costs will add up and it may be cheaper to buy a rebuilt.

I know my time isn't free, but I love doing this kind of stuff so I don't count it.

Sorry guys it's been awhile since this thread started but just wanted to say thanks for everyones input and helpfull suggestions along the way of this build.

Taylorsk8, looks like we are of the same frame of mind. I have done all the work myself so far with the exception of the pumpkin which I had a buddy help (teach) me with over Christmas.

I have managed to resize some pics, hopefully they post......stay tuned.
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