Sorry for the blurry pics I need a new camera, the one I have says "ARK" on the bottom.
The dog is our 10 month old Golden Doodle named Macy
She loves ridding in the Suv with her head out the sun roof.
She was a puppy when we left Canada and was not in the Vette yet.
I've friends that are currently in Venice where they go every winter. :coolgleam: Sigh!

I'd be there too, but the problem is finding pet-friendly accommodation at a reasonable price. :(

A Corvette show is a bonus! :D

I need to double my effort at finding a place for next winter. :banghead:
Thanks for the pictures Dan and Colin for posting them up!

Well, Corvette seems to have started somewhere so I can only conclude it's eventually going to make it's way here! So nice seeing pictures of the warm weather!
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