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Aug 5, 2011
Cambridge ON
2006 vert, 1994 vert
Some pics of Duff's shiny and freshly polished coupe along with a little bling for the rear end.
Nice job there Duff.......The 'vette is lookin' real fine.:D

We look forward to seeing the ride and you on the 26th at the COPING event.



thanks for posting up for me Colin

I love the chrome letters and exhaust plate, I feel like it brightens up my rear end !

Steamer, I still have the originall exhaust except the mufflers were changed by previous owner to give it a growl

once my wife gives me permission or I can hide the cash :D - my plan is to get some corsa from Manny

if Manny is avail - next small project is a catch can on the 26th while down for the Coping event - have a room booked at Best Western on the 25th - so I am coming for sure

I'd also like to do a few small interior mods - I just installed aftermarket chrome stereo/heater knobs as well as my 2005 came stock with plain black. Will post a pic - would also like new arm rest with corvette logo and get Manny to install carbon centre console

all that - then I'd be happy :D - just have to convince wifey :nono:

Looking real good there Duff's. Same here with the mats, helps keep the rubber off the floor. I like the exhaust plate, do you have aftermarket mufflers yet or still stock.
I don't get !!! Why have mats under your tires so the rubber wont touch the floor ???
Great looking rear by the way Duff....I'm talking about your vette...:D
Ok... Thanks CCO...I don't know all of time I store my car I will jack it and take the wheels off and store them inside the basement on there sides...:agree:
third reason

I do the mats for the two reason Colin suggets and for a third as well, when I park - they tell me exactly the right spot in the garage

obviously - the other 2 reasons are more important :D - copied it from a buddy who did it with his porsche.

glad u like my rear thou - thanks

I agrre Riley - mods are becoming addictive - luckily the wifey keeps me on a short leash - unlike Colin :)

tires !!

there is NO need to worry about radial ply tires ' flat spotting '.

With bias ply tires, in cold winter temps, the tires would 'flatten ' where
they made contact with the ground. Hence the practice of rotating the
tire every 4 weeks, thus avoiding the flat spotting. No need with modern
tire construction.
The practice of having thick carpet or rubber matting under each wheel,
was to give the tire some protection from the cold concrete floor.
Given modern this needed ? Probably not, but if it
makes you feel better...go for it !!

As for removal of wheels and keeping the car jacked up over winter, many
would suggest this is not a wise practice, as the suspension is put
under stress for the whole time.

Take care, Tony, welland
I love the exhast plate--might have to get one for myselg soon--not sure if new tips would make it useable though.
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