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Oct 30, 2013
Haliburton, Ontario
2003 Z06
Just wanted to give a shout out to Doug (Buckhorn 76) for the hospitality at our get together today. Doug is busy working on his new home but found the time to show us around and introduce us to Josie the watchdog. What a cutie.

Doug fired up his Studebaker race car for us and managed to upset the neighbourhood. Well done. :rofl:

Thanks Keith for making the arrangements. That is a really nice looking C6 you have, the new wheels really look sharp. Good to see you and Del again.

Thanks Doug, Keith and Del. Nice afternoon.
that was a nice break from the damn ladders :rofl: nice to see the boys and shoot the breeze, murray it was great to see you out and about buddy. keith's new rims and tires are beauts. did you get some pics to post keith ? josie was in her glory with friends around :D too bad the other lads couldn't make it.
Agreed BF but our resident professional organizer/photographer has not shown up yet.

Better than just photographs he may actually have video of the beast belching flames.

Keith they are ganging up on us.

Colin you need to join us one of these days. That would be great.
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