idont need C6 style rear bumper ijust ask that to sealer it just need body work cut and fit ... ijust ask for any one do that ..and iiam sure 100% no one do it in canada bacause it cost mush here $$$

This rear diffuser "DOES NOT FIT AND WILL NOT FIT "

The lines as well as the overall dimensions are very different . It has nothing to do with cost .

If anyone would have one of these on a C5 it would be me .

I have looked at it with our painter and body expert and its just not going to work .
Remember the rear C5 bumper is plastic , how are you going to mold to it to finish the gaps ?
This part was designed for the C6 rear bumper not the C5 and It will not fit no matter what you think you can cut and glue back-together . It will just look wrong .
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