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Aug 18, 2010
St. Albert
1986 C4
I'm a complete rookie mechanic so I hope this question isn't too lame. I've decided to customize my vette but I wonder what I should do to be cost-effective. Would it be cheaper to have the engine rebuilt or just drop in a create engine chipped and tuned to about 400 hp? :confused:
well... that's a pretty big ranging question....

my preference (in your shoes) would be to find a complete engine and harness etc out of a c5 and put it in complete from the injectors to the bottom...

first it gives you the flexibility to actually have someone work on the car if they need to and you also know what you're dealing with if you choose to add more power.

A cammed LS1 or LS6 is a great way to go!!! (i'm not biased of course LOL)
I appreciate your reponse but I'm still confused, you say find a c5 engine and drop it in. Is that the cheapest (best) way? are c5 engines running 400hp? If I pull the 5.7l TPI engine is it worth anything for resale at 170000kms?
c5 engines can run 400hp VERY easily and the basic design was in EVERY way superior to the LT1.... including the aluminum engine block.

Cheapest? probably after you rebuild your engine, your intake and fuel injectors, ECM etc will not be up to the task of making 150 more horsepower so those will also needed to be upgraded... The TPI system was terrible at higher RPMs (I had an 89 GTA with the same engine almost) so that will pretty much need to be replaced, figure that the cost will be insane based only on the fact that hardly anyone makes go fast goodies for these any more.

You should keep your motor just in case you ever want it to be "numbers matching"
I agree! A good way to go would be through a crate motor (LS1 or traditional small block). The reason I like this is that it saves the old one and if you sell the car you can always return the car back to stock and take your crate motor with you for your next project.

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