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Oct 24, 2014
....I just bought a 82 and plan on doing a few liitle things to it this winter. One thing I would like to find is the build sheet. I read that they were usually glued to the top of the gas tank, but others say could be under the dash between the gauges or under the carpet. Has anyone here found their sheet on a 82 or other C3 ? gas tank I might be able to stick a mirror up there and look without lowering the tank, and same with the underdash. But carpet or seats I don't want to take all apart really if there is a known single spot that it could be. Any info appreciated. ....:coolgleam:
Hello XFire..
I have a '75 coupe and found a build sheet on the top of the tank.
You could remove the gas lid/ring and peek in there with a mirror and flashlite.
Or a flashlite and iPhone/iTouch...
I managed to get most of it out...It tore a small bit off the corner.
I have yet to drop the tank and I've owned the car for 32+ years!
I heard some cars may have had two build sheets, possibly another under the carpet behind the seat..?

good luck
thanks nascar03 . I totally forgot I have a inspection camera with a light in it that I can probably wiggle up over the tank and see what's there , if not then past the gas filler like you suggested, thanks.
So if you take the build sheet off the tank is the car still original?

Just wondering.

......hmmm, no different than taking the dealer window sticker off a new car, changing tires, oil etc I would think.......so I say car is still original, and besides you are not going to throw the sheet away so it is still part of your car just like having the owners manual .

.......and I was just in the shop putting stainless exhaust tips on, pulled out my camera and looked on top of the tank, couldn't see any paper , nothing under the dash either......so only place left is under the carpet or in the seat ?? the hunt continues another day......:coolgleam:.......
...well I splurged and ordered from the Corvette Museum the build sheet and window sticker combo. They don't have records of many of the 82's but my low #748 should be good. This way I'll have a new copy laminated and great for display. If I find my original hidden in the car later someplace that will be a bonus .
....2day got my build sheet and window sticker from the Corvette Museum. Now I know where my car was delivered , new price , and all the options it has . Looks good. Kinda amazed at the price of some of the options back then : gymkhana suspension was only 73.00 , but the 255/60/15 tires were 650.00 , and the radio w/cas tape 508.00 . Car had a price tag of $27,480.00 plus tax.



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Crazy mad money back in '82, be scary to see what a CE went for.

.......I remember reading that the 82 CE was the first corvette to sell for $20K plus, and was about $4K more than the base model. So that would probably be about 5K more here making a loaded one over $32K plus tax. That was alot. In 1982 we ordered and bought a new GMC Sierra Classic 1/2 ton 4x4 loaded except for pw, it was $14 K.
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