Dec 1, 2010
my neighbor has finally decided to sell her vette, 77 or 78. split back seats. the car has been parked since 2005, it needs restoration. she wants 10g, any opinions on what it's worth? I figured maybe $2500. what do you guys figure?
depends how good.....or bad it is. was it inside or outside since 05 ? if it is a restoration project 10k is way too steep. my 76 was in storage for 17 years, i would describe it as a reasonable survivor/driver car. it had some mechanical issues that i took care of and i will restore it as i drive it. i paid 6800 for the car and will probably have 15 or 16k into it when i'm finished. if that 77 is in similar condition to mine i wouldn't pay anymore than than i did for my 76. :canada: doug.
By split back seats, do you mean the clamshell buckets that pivot higher up the backrest? Those became standard in '79; they only came on the pace car in '78. A '77 has the straight back window, '78 to '82 got the big back window.

Doug has the value about right. Really depends on condition.
sorry guys,79 car, been parked outside since 05 from a quick look, interior is worn, has a small surface crack on drivers side fender, could be a driver but, to me it could use paint and full restoration. tires are all flat and weather cracked from siting on concrete driveway. I assume all fluids as well as seal will have to be changed. nothing special about this car other than I hate to see it rot away.
Not worth much then I'm afraid. :(

Paint alone will cost you thousands to do right. Tires $900. New interior $2000. Rust? Anybody's guess then.
If you like to do restoration work, and can get it dirt cheap it might be a good project car. But I am guessing that from the sounds of it; it will need a lot more than you are seeing. Greg is right about the frame rotting. Common problem, and one that can eat up the wallet fast.
From my point of view, even if restored it is still a 79. Not a car that is highly sought after. Probably not worth the effort. Lots of these cars around for sale. Still; it is a shame to have to see it wasting away every day.
Greg is right about the frame rotting. Common problem, and one that can eat up the wallet fast.

Not just the frame rusting Brian; check the birdcage real well. The only thing holding all that fiberglass together is the birdcage.
thanks guys that's kind of what I was thinking. she wanted $10,000 for it. around sask. there are a lot of vettes around that year, selling for 10-12 in excellent shape. I was kind of hoping I could pick it up cheap and do a resto/mod on it. was hoping to make a daily driver out of it. as for rust, it's pretty dry in sask usually, but... I was kind of having the same thoughts.
10K, she is nuts......from what you described, it is a 3k car at most.....She will never part with it until it starts to fall apart, then she will be lucky if anyone takes it. Sad fate, but that is what happens when one has an inflated sense if worth.
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