Jan 1, 2014
Calgary AB
77 Corvette L82
Hey Guys!

I've had this problem with my Corvette for a while and figure I should fix it now (too much work to organize). My corvette is a very early production (2043) and therefore it's got some unique developing parts/issues. My seat belt indicator light isn't working. Any ideas why? Also is there suppose to be a warning buzzer for it? Lastly is there suppose to be door, ignition and headlight buzzers on my car?
Ya my car was support to have a warning buzzer for the headlights. They said early corvettes didn't have the selt belt warning in 77 but mine has all the hardware but yet it's early so maybe they just didn't set it up? I'm not sure. Also what should I check for the headlight warning buzzer if it's not working?
I had a few minutes 2day and looked in my GM parts book and it only shows buzzer's 72-76 and 79 up . just nothing listed for headlight or seat belt in 77 78.
I was talking with a friend who has a 78 corvette pace car and he said that in his Trans am it wasn't suppose to have certain hardware but yet they had all the wires run but it wasn't installed. I'm guessing that could be a possibility.
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