Is that from the Bowtie Overdrive site. I've read that article before somewhere. I think if you're going that route you'd probably have to swap out your 3.08 rear for something like a 3.55. I don't think a carb would be too happy hauling 3600 lbs down the highway locked up at 1600 RPM.
nope, works good greg. guy i know here in lakefield made the swap and retained the 3.08's. the carb doesn't much care when running on the primaries especially a q-jet with the small primary venturi. remember this was the set up on the first of the gen 3 f bodies and also the g body cars.
A friend in Peterborough has a 700R4 in his Avanti and his '65 327 el Camino and is more than happy with both. I understand that there are people building pretty stout 200R4 transmissions and they pretty well bolt right in in place of a turbo 350 or PG. OD certainly helps gas mileage.
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