Jan 8, 2019
1959 Corvette 4speed
Its been a while since I've posted. A lot has happened in the past couple months. I have took possession of my 59 and safety transported it to my garage. The engine safety turned over minus coil wire. I threw a bit of fuel in the carburetor and she ran. After cleaning the tank, sending unit and fuel line she ran on her own and nice and even. Coming to temperature and sustaining great oil pressure. One maiden voyage down the street and back later and the fuel pump diaphragm split ending the fun. I ordered a replacement from zip-corvette and should be arriving any day now. Another update, the original hubcaps were found locked in the trunk safe and sound. Original keys were also found. Everything seems to be coming together.
That’s fantastic to hear. What a beautiful car. So great all the little things that make it also outstanding and satisfying are coming together for you. 👍👍
tach was not working on my 61 anyway, so I went with the electronic conversion .. easy to switch over i see your needle is off anyway. that was the hardest part, getting that off without bending.. i see u have the hard top u have the ragtop as well?. i have never had my roof up ever.. got wet twice. the chrome on front of your car look s nice.. i ended getting some better rear bumpers for myself but could still use couple for front.. added steeroids r&p which was almost the same price as redoing what i had.. front disc brakes from c central as well.. i think it is 4 years now .. it does not end( not complaining).. o do like the tooth grill which the 61 does not have. enjoy it and do what u want your way..
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Yes the needle was off when I got it. The car came with the original hardtop as well as the rag. I had to remove the rag top to clean out the sending unit in the fuel tank. The chrome on mine is in great shape. Overall I don't think much restoration is required. I think I'm going to install the electronic tach ($360 Canadian) and preserve and rebuild the original tach and tuck it away. Only original parts I don't have are the intake manifold, carb, distributor air cleaner and the duct for the heater unit. Small list but I'll get there.
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I absolutely love the look of that car. That grill is iconic! Its next to impossible to find a 60 year car with all its original parts, but looks like you found a beauty that is as close as possible. That maiden voyage must have been special. Cheers to many years of pure pleasure.!!
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