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Oct 30, 2013
Haliburton, Ontario
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Just a shout out to our American friends, even those who live north of Canada.

Have a great 4th Of July holiday. Travel safe and enjoy the long weekend.

Colin, Riley and Rob we need an American Flag logo.
Thanks ,heading for Old Orchard beach Maine a favorite Canadian summer hangout .Last April my wife booked two nights at a beach front Hotel .Only problem is that she has a brain virus and can't remember which hotel :D

I'll be wearing my CCF tee shirt

The house will be left un-guarded for a couple days which means my youngest son will adopt the place as party central.
Well hurricane Arthur spoiled the fireworks but today I can watch people from Massachusetts get sucked out to sea in the undertow .Old Orchard beach was the Canadian summer hangout and I haven't seen but a few plates .makes me wonder what we've done to pizz off the good people to our north .
Us wussies from the north are scared of gettin' sucked out to sea like those folks you're watchin' from Mass.:D

Hope the storm didn't pound you too badly Steve.
I heard they rescheduled the fireworks displays.

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