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Jul 15, 2012
Fairview, Alberta
2006 Z06
Good afternoon!

So I ran in the Heritage Day Race in Peace River this morning.

I was still suffering from the cold that I picked up last Sunday and if I had to select an offical sponsor for my run it would have been Buckley's maybe folowed by Sudafed!

It started off poorly - the Z06 had to be boosted! Then I arrived still with 20 minutes to go and discovered that my Garmin Forerunner (GPS exercise watch) wouldn't delete my Saturday workout. Not a huge deal but annoying as it would not give my average pace displaced. It would still give me my instantious pace but the average for the race is what I needed. I tried and tried to delete it but without success.

Then minutes before the race I lost Aidan! How could a kid with a green hat disappear from sight?? So with two minutes to go I found him and then got ready for the race.

It turned out well, I got passed by a few runners and actually passed a few myself. I was in 7th or 8th place overall when 50 m from the finish line CS passed me! He has beaten me the previous 3 times of done this race too and I thought I had him this time. On the plus side I beat JM - this like under 5 foot under 40 year old woman who has also beaten me the previous three races and I beat her this time.

Best of all, my time I was told was 49:13 so another sub-5 minute pace race for me, my 3rd time doing so and my 2nd fastest race. Odd how when I'm sick I almost seem to do better?! Even one of the running club members congraulated me on my race - "You returned faster than I expected you would be"!

It feels so good to have a great result! My comments after the finish line are here if you're interested:

2014 Heritage Day Race in Peace River Alberta - YouTube

There was some "spirited" Z06 driving on the way home let me tell ya!


The offical results are posted, my time was 49:13, my pace 4:55 and I was 9th of 55 runners. I'm pretty pleased with that. I do have a faster pace of 4:47 I think bu toot is in an 8 km race and so this is actually my fastest 10 km distance pace. Now no races in the area for probably two months as when the kids get out of school there is nothing in the area that is done for races..........but a great start to spring and hopefully with some good training over the summer I can return in the fall to racing.

As an aside, the winner was a boy in the 14 and under division (from Grimshaw like me!!) with a time of 33:33! Now that is Manny modified Z06 type of speed!!!! I don't recall seeing him but at that speed he would have been a blur!!!!


Good morning Riley,

I did it the first time 6 years ago in my final race of that year. I remember Sonya was one of the timers and she congratulated me as apparently the 5 minute pace is what "good" runners ought to be targeting. But while I got close a few times and generally ran in the under 5:15 pace I could never break that damn 5 minute pace mark until this year and I think that is what has given me confidence that I can do it.

I maybe think about it like having a 10 sec 1/4 mile car - which I'm not sure if I have but it is that sort of equivalent.

There is one race I would really like to do - The Alberta Cancer Foundations The Underwear Affair" to raise money for below the belt cancer research. Here is the website:

Welcome to the 2014 Edmonton Underwear Affair - Uncover the Cure

Some of the pictures of the runners in costumes look hilarious!

I could swing this as I don't have Aidan this weekend but the weather for the past few days has been wet and windy and I want to get cracking on my weed spraying. But one of these years! Hey when can you run in your undies and not be thought a total crackpot I ask you!?

With luck I hope to try the trailer out as there is an autocross at the Fort St. John airport on Wendesday night next week and it is a longer, faster course more set up for cars like the Z06 than the slower tighter one in Dawson Creek which seems to favor the imports. Or that is my excuse rather than saying I'm just a crappy driver!!!!!


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Garry, sounds like a load of fun running in your underwear, usually happens with somebodies husband chasing you which would be good for a sub 5 minute mile. :nono:

Keep up the pace, well done and good luck with the autocross. Pictures of the second event more appreciated than the first. :rofl:
Now that is a funny thought! I recall one of my college instructors often telling us that he'd rather be shot by a jealous husband that to die of old age!

It is one of the races that I've wanted to do for a few years - the entry fee is high though - $325 and while it goes for cancer research that is a lot to spend, plus 9 hours driving, another hotel etc.

I really hope that I can put things together to make it to the autocross though. It is a bit of a logicial nightmare since it is in the eventing and they keep going until the sun goes down - now no laughing here please but my bedtime is a regular 9:30 pm but thankfully BC is an hour behind Alberta - I think. But still it is a two hour plus drive so I'll have to get a hotel on top of things. But I've never done this course and they were talking about some much higher speeds.

I've got two camera's and suction cup mounts so I hope I can get some decent video clips or perhaps from someone else attending.............

I'm going into it with the highest hopes but I just got a call to do some plot work on Thursday which takes me away from doing my work here so I might be tied up again next week! Darn making a living sure interfers with having fun..............

But first things first - see if the car will go on to the tilt trailer without any extra blocking - fingers crossed!! That would be sweet indeed but I have to wait until my gf or some spotter is here to give me information on clearance other than a nasty scraping sound................




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