Feb 22, 2010
2008 ZO-6
400 ZR-1s for sale on dealer lots In the USA....Wonder how many will be built in 2011....
There are a bunch for sale here in e town too. I'm not sure what the dealers are going to do with the 2011's :). I'm sure GM didn't forecast having to offer incentives and financing rates on the ZR-1!!!
while that is awesome on one hand, its gonna hurt the current buyers on the other hand. 30k off z06's, what does a a100k car need to be discounted to sell? OUCH! Then, what is the trickle down gonna do to all of you that paid a lot for your cars? Its gonna get ugly.
Not a single ZR1 to be found in Canadian dealerships...checked when I bought the coupe Thursday.
I know of a 2010 Black/Black ZR-1 in Toronto for sale right now...NEW!!...it's been there for about 2 mth's...
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