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Sep 5, 2013
Owen Sound ON
1978 coupe
I have a GM 350 Crate motor. The block (passenger side) is stamped CC 5 5 3
Can someone help me identify the motor?---Said to be 325HP? It's in an 87 Monte Carlo LS ---stored for the winter. Thanks--boB
not familiar with those numbers bob, do you have some more info ? the casting # will be above the oil filter on the bell housing flange. is the dipstick located on driver side or passenger side ? can't tell much without the casting number.
I took the car to my sons house 4 the winter but i got those #'s from the block before I did. I am thinking of swapping the 78 motor 4 this one. Although the 78 has the #'s matching and the car is all original I will be going from 185hp to a 325hp ----if the crate is actually 325. I will enjoy the swap but only if the results are a hp increase. Still pondering the matching # deal. I'm more a rodder than a purest. Monte isn't licensed but I ran it and I can feel the power difference!

Can I see the #'s on the b housing from under the car or from the top? I will try to find them when I go to his place.
I know several people who have replaced their numbers matching engines with motors to give them more performance. They kept the original #'s matching motor as they felt it kept the value of their car. Several have since sold the vehicles, included the original #'s matching motor and not one purchaser had any intention of ever putting the original motor back in the vehicle.
For this reason I believe a numbers matching car has little if any 'real world' value when the replacement motor is out and the replacement one gives better performance and thus has increased the pleasure of driving the vehicle.
Just my 5 cent perspective though ...
Hey Car Guy,
Glad 2 hear from U. That makes me feel better, I believe if I can prove the worth of the Crate motor----I will go ahead with the swap. As if 185HP isn't enuf. But U no how it is----can't resist the power enhancement! I have been driving my "56 Vic" 4 about 42 years now so I may be driving the "Vette" forever 2.-----It's my car and I can do it!---although ----it's a lot of work!!
Just remember Bob that the vette is 185 NET hp at the flywheel while the crate will most likely be 325 GROSS hp at the flywheel with no power robbing accesories. The easiest way to compare the two is look at the ratings for any 1971 GM vehicle; that was the only year they listed both gross and net hp. A '71 vette with the L48 equivalent was rated at 270 gross hp and 210 net hp. A difference of 60 hp or about 22%.
without knowing any history of the engine it will be difficult to pinpoint what it is. is it a gm crate or another such as blueprint ? you can get a rough idea of the block vintage by the dipstick placement [ left or right ? ]. as far as numbers matching in an 87 monte.......who cares ? use the engine that makes you happy :D.

one thing is certain though, if you don't know if it is a roller cam or a flat tappet, use engine oil supplement to be safe.
Ok---got my son 2 lift the hood---dipstick is on passenger side.
P.S.---I was concerned w #'s matching on the 78 vette----but I'm beginning 2 see---it doesn't matter----not a value added necessity!
Passenger side dipstick is a one-piece rear seal. Your vette will be a two-piece rear seal with a driver's side dipstick. This means you will need a new flexplate as the bolt pattern is not the same. The Goodwrench 350 is drilled for a dipstick on both sides and has a two-piece rear seal. The GM 290 hp crate engine also uses the dual dipstick block.
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