Nov 14, 2011
Jarvis Ontario
1988 Convertable
Kind of a "Woody"......:D My other hobby is playing with wood...

Fresh from my sawdust factory....... 29 AA Ford Stake truck........ This one will be used as a door prize at an up-coming car show.
Wood used is Purple Heart, Walnut, White Oak and some Roasted Maple


By bdgraham at 2012-07-05

By bdgraham at 2012-07-05
Brian. The truck looks fantastic and the front fenders are awesome. Solid block or laminated? Give us an idea of how long it is. Some body's going to have a big smile on their face after winning that ! How about a run against my 1930 Tudor?

Scale is approximately 1" = 12"
That makes it a little over 18" long and 8" wide....stands about 7" high.
That's really cool! I wish I had that much talent to tackle such a project. Let us know where & when the car show is!

The car show will be the Simcoe, Show and Shine on Sunday Aug, 5.

I am a new member of the Corvettes of Southern Ontario that run this show. Although I have not yet brought this toy to their attention, they are looking for members to find door prizes, this model will be given over this coming weekend at the monthly meeting...if they will take it.. :rofl:
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