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Feb 15, 2012
2001 Z06
Who's watching this weekend? Some fantastic racing as always. This race never disappoints. I'm really routing for Wayne Taylor Racing and his Prototype Corvette. He came out of retirement to race with his two boys. Awesome story and I would live to see them win that division! Corvette Racing and the C7R's aren't doing too bad considering they are running an all new platform. Hope there isn't too many teething problems this season as Ferrari (458 Italia), and Viper both are strong teams. Makes for some great racing when the competition is stiff.

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The dog and I watched about an hour and we had to leave for a couple hours and it was gone .Haven't been able to find it since .:mad:
I'm thinking we should and set up a caravan for Canadian Tire Motorsports Park in July. See these machines in person. It's a good time and the speed these cars are going is unbelievable.

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Yeah, that last lap between them was pretty questionable. Exciting to watch but sketchy.

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