Nov 3, 2012
buckhorn ontario
many people wonder what the difference between these manifolds is. the 7053 gm was used from 80 - 85 on z28 / firebird, monte carlo ss, caprice, some trucks, etc. it is essentially an aluminum replacement for the cast iron 4v manifold. it has E.G.R. but no provision for hot air choke. both manifolds are for spread-bore carbs. a visual inspection of the two side by side shows that both have similar placement of O.E.M. fittings etc. the 7053 has a 4 hole plenum and the edelbrock a split plenum. the gm has the exhaust cross-over heat sheild, the 2101 does not. the 2101 has provision for hot air choke but not E.G.R. the runners on the edelbrock appear to be a better design than the gm unit. the plenum floor and runners on the 7053 are quite rough whereas the 2101 are reasonably smooth. i would think that you would not be able to notice any difference in performance between the factory cast iron and the 7053 but the aluminum will dissipate heat better and give you E.G.R.if you need it. judging by the visual comparison alone i feel that with the 2101 you would notice some improvement in performance. i bought both manifolds quite cheap from kijiji. also both will provide hood clearance without using a drop base air cleaner. :D doug.
If I were buying again, I think I would go with the Performer EPS 2701. It gives more horsepower and torque than the 2101 but still fits under the stock air cleaner. It only comes in a square bore but that's ok with me.
very true greg, but finding a used one for 40 bucks could be a bit of a challenge !!! :D if i was buying new for a square bore carb i would be getting a weiand 8120 street warrior. it is a lighter casting and has a touch better performance than the 2701. it also has O.E.M. hood clearance and is slightly cheaper than the 2701. weiand has been part of the holley group for the last few years. for a street driven car i am a big fan of the old spread-bore q-jet. :D
With the MOE guys sniffing around, it pays to at least make the car appear visually correct. If your car originally had the heat stove, egr, pcv and smog pump, they want to see this stuff on the car. It can all be blocked off and non functional because they probably won't have the car tested anyway. I have an HO 305 from an '84 Trans Am complete with all the smog equipment. The engine has problems but the smog equipment is probably worth more than the engine anyway. The new MOE rules coming out appear to be an even bigger pain than the old ones. :mad:
ok - side by side


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