Using the website I have built this spreadsheet that I will update as the year moves along. I'll post up the overall 2023 production in another thread so that users can reference it in the future. I'll update this weekly as we go along...

Not a single Cacti Green ordered yet and only 2 Sea Wolf so far....surprising. Only 10 Z07 equipped cars too...



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Maybe the lack of Z07 is not only due to the constraint, but also due to the Z07 package being too expensive? the tax included price for Z07 is 30k cad more…
Up till now, it's been constraints holding the Z07 numbers down but the constraints are lifting on the Z07 and it is opening up. It is still very sought after and we will soon see if all the people who passed on getting a Z06 waiting for the Z07, now start jumping on the option with visible carbon fiber TOG option now available.
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What was the original rationale behind the luxury tax ??? Or perhaps what was the actual realistic reason. Just curious.
Oh my goodness! No no,no, let’s not start down that rabbit hole! Far too political of a discussion that’s been had on this forum in several threads so far
Update as of January 26th.

Some interesting stats:

-20 Z07 equipped cars in Canada so far and since Jan 1st, 10 of the total 20 have been built and all are 3LZ!
-Average price bumps up to $187,465
-New colors are not popular...
-Not a single Cacti car built so far...very odd
-Rip Tide Blue also has a low take rate which is surprising too
-Sea Wolf Grey not a popular choice
-Only 9 1LZ cars ordered representing 4.8% of cars

Jan 26 CDN Prod.png
They keep pumping out the Z06s!

A first for Canada we see:
-the first 2LZ spec'd Z07 cars (2)
-2 GM auto show cars built identical in Rapid Blue for Calgary and Vancouver shows
-More Z07 builds...roughly half of all 2024 Z07s have been built since the beginning of the year.
-Still not a single Cacti ordered. Make Corvette Great Again and introduce a brighter Green!!!


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