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May 4, 2022
West Hill, Ontario
2019 Stingray,
Hello all, today I was,warming up my 2019 stingray which has been stored in my garage all winter. I noticed there is about six "snowflake" like marks on plastic immediately under the gauges, thought it was dirt, but when i ran my fingernail on 1 of them, the plastic peels,,, area does not get hot, nothing placed over that area, but of course now I am conscious about them.

I tried to actually search for a carbon fiber piece I can stick on, but could not find any for that u shape piece, any suggests? See pics for exact area, any replies are welcomed and appreciated.


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Could that have been caused by some cleaning solution? A replacement piece might be able to be located from your dealers parts department or an aftermarket vendor. It would bother me as well having to see it every time I got in the car. Good luck finding a solution.
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Thanks ol yeller, ui found out ut could have been a manufacturer defect related to plastic moulding process, I am sure I did not put any cleaner in that area , someone suggested an aftermarket carbon Fibre film just for that u shape piece, so I might go that way,, it's a small thing,,but yes,,, you Look at gauges and your eyes go to that spot... thanks 4 the reply
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