Hey Dick! Did you go look at the car? If the Auto Gallery is affiliated with the Auto Gallery in Regina in any way, I wouldn't touch anything they have with a ten foot clown pole.

Merry Christmas Riley.

No I haven't seen it but I have corresponded a couple of times. This car has been on their lot since last summer. Not only is it a colour combo I like the price is pretty good too.

I have no idea if the two galleries are affiliated. I was told the business owner belongs to the local corvette club.

Hi. Riley. Sorry for the really late reply but lots of stuff happening to keep me busy. What is not happening is steady work. This has been putting a new convertible on hold for me for about three years now. I've been to the alter a few times but had to walk away... cr@p!

And as if today I am looking for work instead of a convertible. Oh well it is what it is.

Chat soon.

No worries with the delay in replying!!!! I haven't been able to get on here nearly as much as I'd like for the past while.
I understand putting off purchases as I've been putting off doing upgrades to the corvette for a few years now, even after selling my Chevelle. It's not an easy decision, but it is the smart decision. Hopefully your work situation will bring the stability you need so you can say "I do!" when you get to the alter again.
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