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Jan 27, 2009
Richmond, B.C.
I visited my GM dealer today, just to see how things are progressing.

First, I will be getting a 2015.
Second, who knows when... only when GM allows them a Z51 convertible.
Third, there are a few changes with respect to Standard and Optional features.

No more dual-mode exhaust (NPP)... at least with the Z51, 2LT package.
"Exhaust - performance increases to 460 HP, aggressive exhaust sound, with 4" polished stainless-steel tips"

No more optional Navigation system.
"Radio - Chevrolet Mylink Audio system with Navigation 8" diagonal colour touch screen. blah blah blah" code (IO6)

You can now order the (code UQT)
"Performance data and video recorder"
But only if you have IO6.

and (code UVF)
"Front vision camera"
But only if you have UQT.

I have all this in a set of pages he printed for me.
As per the info I got from our GM Global Connect, NPP now comes standard with Z51 package. So expect the price of the Z51 Package to be a little higher for 2015's. NPP will be available as an option if you did not select the Z51 package.

Also Nav remains an option on 1LT and 2LT. It is standard on 3 LT

The Performance data recorder will be an available option on all trims with Z51 atleast and maybe also the not Z51's.

No pricing available as yet. Sorry!
When I first went in to my local dealer (Mike Jackson - Collingwood), I just wanted to ask how do I buy a new Corvette. I needed to know lead time, down payment to get the ball rolling, what options are available and so on.

I was told I would have to buy a 2015. It would be only a grand to get ticket in line at Bowling Green and I would have to order off of the 2014 order guide. Delivery would be in November probably. The only rumour that proved to be true at the time was that the automatic would be an 8-speed (a dumbed down version of the 'matic for the Z06). There was no indication there was a PDR if you got the Nav option or that the NPP exhaust would become standard on the Z51 which I did buy.

After the 2015 order guide leaked out, I noticed the changes (including the new exterior colour adds and deletions). The dealer has so far honoured the existing 2014 prices. This means I am paying for the NPP which is to be standard and not paying for the Performance Data Recorder which should boost the Navigation price from the $850 I was charged. I am thinking it will all be a wash once the 2015 pricing is published. But I will watch.
Z51 pricing is going up so even if NPP is included, you are paying for it anyway, therefore, I suspect you are getting quite a deal at 2014 prices.

Your car sounds awesome!

As far as I know the Performance Data Recorder is not part of the NAV but rather it is an option you can add if you have NAV. So if that is of interest to you then you should probably call your dealership and have it added to your order. But again since NAV is standard on 3LT Z51 they may also include the PDR on the 3LT trim. have to wait and see.

Also its true the NPP will now come standard with Z51 package and it will be an available option for non-Z51 orders in 2015. But that doesnt mean that the price of Z51 will be the same. It is expected that the Z51 package will see an increase in its price since NPP will now be standard.

Prices have yet to be released so hang tight.

The only thing somewhat concerning is that they are giving you a tentative delivery date of November whereas in our experience there are no Corvettes shipped to Canada from Nov-Feb. If your dealership indeed has allocation for 2015's and they have already placed order (meaning you have a GM Order Number) then you should have it by end of September - or latest by the end of October. Otherwise you will be waiting till March 2015 I think.


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Thanks Owais

To fill you all in. I put down a grand in mid May when the salesman intimated delivery could be November. I told him I would place the order if I could take delivery in May 2015 (because of the snow). They agreed and if the Vette came in early, they would hold in the showroom with a Sold sign.

I started reading that 'constraints' could occur. Last week I went back and told them to actually place the order. The salesman agreed it was better to place the order now with GM rather than wait until the dealer figured out a May time and placed the order then, say placing the order in November for a May delivery.

Anyway, when I told him to place the order, he went away for a while and came back saying GM Canada has accepted the Z51 2LT order. He had a printout that he did not let me have that was an order summary. The order summary indicated the following RPOs had been accepted:

NPP = Performance exhaust
Z51 = Preferred Equipment Group
FE4 = Selective Ride Control
UQT = Performance Data Recorder (included and only available with I06 (Nav))
M5U = 8-speed automatic
ERI = Battery Protection Package
GU2 = 2.73 Rear axle (included and only available with M5U)
193 = Jet Black Interior
AQ9 = GT seats
GBE = Crystal Red Tintcoat

As of about this time last week, Bowling Green had not accepted the order.

Unfortunately I do not have an order number. All I know is my order status is 1000 and the salesman predicts 6 months delivery with a 2015 build start in BG of August 1st.

Does this make any sense?

I really like your choices for the built of the vehicle.

Your response makes perfect sense! When your order is at 1000 that means that the dealership has submitted the order to GM but GM has not confirmed the order as yet.

Lets assume that your dealership actually sold afew C7's for 2014 they would therefore get allocation for 2015 which means that once GM reviews your order and it matches their updated Vehicle Order Guide requirements they would accept the order and update it to 2000. You will likely have your vehicle by end of September or early October.

About having them keep your vehicle on the showroom floor for 5 months id be cautious of that. Its been known to happen that sometime showroom models end up getting minor scratches here and there -- customers getting too close to them and their belt or purse scratching them. If I was you I would take delivery of it asap and rather park it in my secure garage and keep it on battery maintenance all the time. If weather is bad then you may want to have it towed to your home on a flat bed. Just my two cents.

Best of luck!

Owais Jamali
Call or TXT 416-826-7006
Thanks again Owais

Whenever the Corvette arrives I must pay for it. No big deal there. But I do hear you about keeping it in the showroom. I will probably have it towed by flatbed (perhaps 2 kms at most) if there is snow on the roads or worse that brine or salt mixture we see now. Besides, in my garage I can at least play with the Nav system and learn about all the menus, start it up and even roll it a few feet in each direction to keep the run flats from becoming, well, um, flat :)

But I sure like your schedule better!!! I could get in a few hundred klicks before the snow flies. Mmmm, I am feeling the growl now.
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