Funny how I heard they were not going to put the 8 speed in the Stingray.....surprise! Although I don't think too many people are surprised. I would have zero issue with having the 6 speed auto but the 8 speed sounds pretty darn nice too.

Yeah was one of my debates, 2014 7M or wait for 2015 8A! That was if the 8A was coming and if so at what new price for the 2015's with the currency exchange swing? In the end ordered the 2014 7M
Hi smackYYZ!

I have some additional info on the 2015 C7's from the internal GM Global Connect site.

I will try attaching the PDF on to this message so other members of the forum can also benefit.

Best Regards!
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8 Speed

only on the Z06 -- if you want the outdated supercharger --you get the
new tranny.
the standard engine has a pretty benign torque curve --- not sure the
two extra gears would make that much difference except the paddle
shifting gets a little busier.
I feel like this is kind of a slap in the face for those who got the 2014 Auto. I got the manual so it doesn't affect me, but the new A8 transmission is pretty sweet.

Slap in the face
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